Spa Hammam

Traditional HAMMAM & SPA

Energising Treatment & Well-being

“The Hammam is the relaxing break essential to your well being”

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Hammam 30min Massage 45min 600 DHS per person
Hammam 45 min Massage 60min 700 DHS per person
 Hammam 30 min  Massage 30min et Facia Treatement 30min  800 DHS per person
COUPLE PACKAGE Package Duo 120 min Hammam 45min & Massage 90min 1500 DHS for 2 Persons


Pool & Sun bed & Fouta & Bottle Of Water 150 DHS per person
CHOICE OF TREATMENT - Pool & Sun bed & Towel & Bottle Of Water  100 DHS per person

Facial Treatments

Facial Treatments ORGANIC PRODUCT Les Sens de Marrakech 

Hydrating & Deep Cleansing facial treatment

50min 400 DHS 

Youth Purifying & Smoothing facial treatment

Instant Radiance & Detoxifying 


30 min

400 DHS

300 DHS

We use "Les Sens de Marrakech" for all our facial treatments 

Moroccan Hammam Rituals

  • Hammam with eucalyptus black soap
  • Body scrub with kessa glove
  • Body & Hair Wash
ORIENTAL HAMMAM With Ghassoul & Body Wrap45min400 DHS 
  • Body wrap with eucalyptus black Soap
  • Body Exfoliant with Kessa glove
  • Ghassoul Face, Body & Hair Mask
  • Body & Hair wash

Bliss Oriental Massages

Relaxing Massage60 min450 DHS

Reduce Stress, release nervous tension for a complete relaxation

Deep Tissue Massage60 min450 DHS

Melt away tensions, soften muscles for an immediate relief

Tonic Massage60 min450 DHS

Release tensions, enhance blood circulation to regain energy and vitality

BLISS beauty Hand and Foot

Manicure – Hand care Including Nail polish normal 300 DHS
Pedicure – Foot care Including Nail polish normal 300 DHS

Permanent Nail Polish Remove additional Permanent Nail Polish additional

80 DHS


Eyebrow 60 DHS 
Duvet, Cheen 50 DHS
Face 100 DHS
Armpit 60 DHS
Arms 100 DHS
Half – Arms 50 DHS
Full Legs 200 DHS
Half Legs 80 DHS
Bikini, Side, brazilian 100 DHS
Bikini integral 200 DHS 
Back, Chest 200 DHS

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