CAMÉLÉON Restaurant

Our Caméléon (Chameleon) restaurant can be found in the very heart of the Medina quarter, a stone’s throw from Jemaa el-Fna Square. There’s a warm and friendly atmosphere surrounding the restaurant’s patio, the same feeling that imbues this unique riad, untouched by time.

The décor is unashamedly colorful, with a vista over the valleys of the Atlas Mountains as well as the flamboyant hues of the city. But all this can wait while you take your time to enjoy the intimacy of a meal.

The menu features Moroccan specialities, with an emphasis on fresh produce from the local market. You’ll find a selection of typically Moroccan dishes,  from the expert hands of our Moroccan Chef.

Caméléon: where lovers of quality cuisine gather together and share in the art of unwinding.

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